US and China agree to end Trump tariffs on e-bikes, set to reduce prices

In a move that nearly the entire US electric bicycle industry is cheering, a new agreement between the US and China is set to end the electric bicycle trade war.

Believe it or not, electric bikes give as much exercise as pedal bikes

A new study out of Brigham Young University has found that despite popular belief, electric bicycle riders get nearly as much exercise as pedal bike riders.

The Beast 2.0 e-bike is the monster truck of electric bicycles

Whoever said “everything in moderation” obviously never took a ride on the new Beast 2.0 e-bike. There’s nothing moderate about this ridiculous yet awesome display of a monster electric bicycle — emphasis on the “electric” and a mere passing nod to the “bicycle.”

Review: Tower Beach Bum, Mark Cuban endorsed e-bike

The Tower Beach Bum is not only easy only the wallet (being direct-to-consumer), it’s also easy on the eyes and backside as a purposeful beach cruiser. While it’s not on the forefront of e-bike tech, it’s value proposition is compelling enough to get Mark Cuban’s stamp of approval as a key investor in Tower.

Save money on e-bike batteries, motors, and more today on 11/11 shopping holiday

Each year on November 11, China celebrates a national holiday known as Singles Day. It began as a holiday for single people, but has morphed into the largest shopping holiday in the world.